Opportunities to elevate healthcare with Artificial Intelligence

The opportunity for data and AI to improve patient outcomes and reduce the cost of care is monumental. There are three major areas where analytics in combination with AI and ML are transforming healthcare.

Streamlining administration

Healthcare organizations can often systematically examine their data to streamline the administrative side of care, particularly to optimize patient flow and workflows within the clinical setting. read more

Unlocking precision care

Health systems are also applying these tools to improve individual care plans, pulling data from myriad sources like EHRs, genome sequencers and medical imaging devices for earlier diagnoses and targeted treatments. read more

Improving patient engagement

Digital technologies have greatly improved how patients communicate with their providers. read more

In all these instances, organizations relied on a platform with tremendous processing power and storage capabilities that can unify health data from a wide range of sources into models that generate impactful results.

Bavesh Patel, Vice President of Industries at Databricks said it well: “Ultimately, by blending all these data sets together and coming up with an end-to-end way to engage with patients, both in the hospital and outside, we can ultimately improve their health outcomes and drive better usage of our healthcare services”