Chris Sherback began his career as an auditor with Deloitte & Touche LLP, where he learned how various businesses approach the same problem with different system designs and varying levels of success. Having developed a flexible approach to problem solving, he then moved into the healthcare field by joining Ormed Information Systems, where he designed accounting and business management systems for hospitals and clinics. Chris soon became President & CEO of Ormed, which initially had only one product that ran in a handful of hospitals and clinics in Western Canada. Over the course of the next 20 years, he used his role to guide Ormed into becoming an industry leader, with 25 products running in over 280 healthcare organizations throughout Canada and the United States.(

During his career, Chris has developed respect as a thought leader within the healthcare sector. He has played a major role in aiding healthcare leaders in the ongoing demands and challenges they face.

As director of Streamline, which focuses on mental health, Chris leads a team of healthcare operation and information system analysts, software developers, and mental health clinicians. The team’s focus is the development of novel and effective models for supporting those working in this healthcare sector as they confront existing and emerging challenges in mental health.

Using his past experience working in a wide array of US and Canadian healthcare organizations, Chris and his team focus on two critical areas:

  • Operational efficiency and security
  • Increasing effectiveness in the therapeutic process

(The state of continuous improvement involving all people and departments.)
Chris and his team accomplish Kaizen by working alongside a client organization’s leadership. Their first step is to stop and observe . In other words, they pause and step back from the trees so that they can look at the forest. By shifting their viewpoint and working together, Chris, his team, and the client’s leadership are able to identify critical areas, where increased efficiencies and effectiveness can be realized. Using either an off-the-shelf application or a customized application, Chris and his team are able to use this knowledge in order to design a model for a successful solution.

St. Joseph’s General Hospital, Comox, B.C.
“What I really like about dealing with Ormed is that they listen.”
Dave Higgs, Materials Manager

Winnipeg Regional Health Authority. Winnipeg, Manitoba.
“The reason we bought the Ormed system in the first place was because we liked their people and we trusted them.”
Susan Yurkiw, MIS Manager

Healthcare Consultant.
“By re-engineering critical business processes, Ormed software increases productivity to better position organizations to grow and cope with change.”
Masood Peracha, Consultant