Our Core Values

…that helps determine our fundamental beliefs and guiding principles

We intend to meet or exceed client expectations by producing our best work and in the majority of cases we do-but rarely we do not. This core values document was produced to come into greater awareness as to why at times we are not able to fully satisfy a client and what to do about it. Here is how it has been helping increase our client satisfaction in the most demanding challenges:

  • This document is reviewed with clients before we start projects to ensure clarity is established on the scope of work and deliverables.
  • During and after the project we have each client access us on each of these core values using a scorecard.
  • As we come into greater awareness of each client type we learn how to serve these specific needs and adjust to increase client satisfaction.

In conduct:

  • To care about people and passionate about improving healthcare.
  • To create clarity in all our communications which begins with the clarity contract and revisions if changes occur.
  • To care about peoples well-being and to support the evolution of health care.
  • To not sell services/products that are not in the best interest of the clients.
  • The practice of honesty.
  • To not overbill.
  • Diligence to do things correctly.
  • Embracing a can-do attitude that most anything imagined can be done.
  • To persevere when faced with a challenge (Enduring this pain is often where innovation is created)

Staying current with advanced healthcare practices:

We believe health care can realize many opportunities to advance through the use of innovative software and AI solutions and hardware devices.

To accomplish this our Streamline team holds a posture of vigorous curiosity to innovate:

  • ways to increase healthcare operational efficiency.
  • ways to improve clinical care/outcomes.

Engage with us as you Like!

Our understanding of business & software is how we exceed your expectations