Vic LeBouthillier

Chronological Work History

From 1979-1987, Vic’s passion for building motivated him to start a construction company. This morphed into an engineering contracting firm that specialised in evaluating remedial action for structural deficiencies and carrying out the necessary work. During these years, his collaboration with Dr. Eric Burnet from the University of Waterloo’s new Building Science Division enabled the new developments in building preservation and design improvements.

In 1987-1999, Vic founded and lead Columbia Group, a human resource consulting firm. During its final four years, the company focused on supporting mental health agencies improve internal processes and clinical outcomes.

During 1999-2004, Vic became CEO and publisher of Alive Publishing Group, garnering Canada’s largest readership of a health publication that ultimately reached 1.2 million monthly readers. Alive won four IBPA Benjamin Franklin Awards™ for its publications on neural plasticity in the brain and the greater value of the Emotional Quotient relative to the Intelligent Quotient.

Vic’s work in publishing led him to be confident that people have the capacity to bring about change in their life and to become their best self. This led to the creation of the Alive in-patient program in 2004. The target population for this program were those suffering from depression, anxiety and PTSD. Vic and his wife Farida continue to operate Alive in Kelowna BC. (

From 2008-present, Vic and his team partnered with Dr Scott Miller and co-founded MyOutcomes (, a clinical tool that helps mental/behavioral health clinicians increase their clinical effectiveness. MyOutcomes has been the recipient of the national United Kingdom’s Mental Health Innovation of the Year award. MyOutcomes is currently used in over 24 countries by private and government mental health clinics and addiction centres. Users include the US Military and over 28 universities in their graduate training programs. Over 13 randomized clinical trials confirm that using MyOutcomes can double the effect size of mental health clinicians.

In 2015, compelled to make advanced neural, behavioral and social science more affordable and accessible to all people, Vic assembled a group of thought leading academics, clinical professionals and educators and founded The Resilient Mind projects (TRM). TRM is a resilience training program that supports and trains people who exhibit a readiness to change and wish to increase their resilience ( Vic and his co-workers pursue their work in their Kelowna, BC, Canada and Bangalore, India offices.