Startups and their way of doing business evolve to adopt the latest trends as favoured by their customers. Of course, they have the advantage of starting from scratch and building IT infrastructure that is up-to-date. But they need to survive the competition from big giants with extensive operating experience, and favour-ism of customers, built over decades.

Doesn’t sound quite easy. Right?

You just need to choose the right near-shore custom Software Development Company and a ground-breaking software solution.

The right custom software development company will partner you in investigating innovative and out-of-box software solutions. Solutions that result in some patent registrations that the big brothers often do!
Here’s what you will need to make it happen.

The 9 stages of a successful software development life cycle:

  • Discovery Workshop
  • Requirement Engineering
  • Documentation
  • Wire-frame Design and Blueprints
  • MVP (Minimum Viable Product)
  •  Software Development
  • Testing
  • Deployment
  • Maintenance and Updates

Every software development needs rational planning with agile core for future maintenance and updates.

What are Discovery Workshops?

There was a time when all it took to create a great software was a great idea and an empty garage for an office space. Great ideas are not enough anymore.

Shaping your ideas into tangible results, now needs

  • Sound evaluation
  • Proper design
  • Strict planning

Use the expertise, skill, and knowledge of those who develop software projects on a regular basis to your advantage. Go through discovery workshops. A discovery workshop will help you

  • Assess the market potential of your product before you take in detailed implementation.
  • Estimate the total development costs and time of your product from start to finish.
  • Improvise the product to meet the needs of your users.
  • Have a well-defined set of business goals.
  • Decide from the trending tech-stack and architecture flow.
  • Evaluate the implementation costs.
  • Result in an actionable roadmap of your product development with defined initial scope, interface concepts, POC’s (proof of concepts).

These concepts can be put to good use when crafting a clickable prototype, presentable blueprints and MVPs (minimum viable products) for the next phase of development.

At Streamline, we have held numerous discovery workshops for businesses and start-ups. Overcoming a multitude of start-up’s challenges to turn great ideas with little implementation potential or no external funding into success.

Requirement engineering and Documentation

Requirement engineering is the spine of effective back-end development and design. A software requirement specification document holds the framework for your software development.

Detailed, precise, documentation of all the information gathered from the discovery workshops like requirements, timelines, technology, and goals helps to bridge the gaps and miss deviations at different steps of development. And, you are going to need it till the last day of implementation.

At any phase of development, SRS acts as a go-to guide for anyone working in the project to align themselves with the purpose and goals of the successful implementation. Simply, put proper documentation keeps everyone from designers, developers, quality testers and product owners on the same page.
Taking SRS as a basis you can develop a self-explanatory visual framework. Present it to the stakeholders, make easy iterations, and eliminate confusions that can mean unnecessary launch delays.
Software development process bears sweetest fruits with Show don’t tell attitude.
This brings us to build wireframes, a conceptual representation to visualize, refer, react and gauge timely feedbacks.

It includes:

  • Elements to be displayed in the UI
  • Logical sequencing of these elements
  • Details on the working of interface and navigations

A great product good for no one is no body’s goal. A wireframe helps you:

  • Balance risks by prioritizing customer need before actual development kicks in
  • Test functionality of features and elements of the software design
  • Optimize the interface with early feedback from the users
  • Allows easy iterations to lay down the framework for the final design
  • Build quick go-to-market MVP (minimum viable products)

Start-ups need custom software development that helps them to:

  1. Scale business operations
  2. Automate processes
  3. Improve quality
  4. Deliver productivity
  5. Offer better service

Streamline helps you define the precise scope of work and actualize it in a solution-oriented manner. Our discovery workshops have proven useful in reducing overall project costs, increase in production speed, minimal risks and challenges, and quick go-to-market.
Emerging from lucid feasibility assessment our solution-bouquet has ease of scalability at every phase of development. We have built a strong ecosystem of developers and experts to bring new mobile-driven innovations to our clients.