Easy way to streamline your business in this pandemic time

It all changed leaving us amazed. Organization facing difficulties in streamlining their businesses post pandemic. Nobody has predicted anything about the current situation. Uncertainty is the only sure aspect as it seems nowadays. Many of the businesses got affected worldwide. Businessmen and company owners along with their employees go through tremendous confusion. And it's [...]

5 Big Industries ready to thrive in the Post-Pandemic World

Worldwide human and financial crisis due to the novel coronavirus has brought many businesses down on their knees. Pause and think for a moment. What change COVID-19 pandemic has brought upon you? Lifestyle, office work-culture, eating practices, life approach, and even your habits, right?   Work from home is the new normal now. Industries are [...]

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How to make an On-demand Food Delivery App, like Zomato, UberEats and GrubHub?

On-Demand food delivery app businesses are thriving even in this COVID-19 pandemic. Food lovers can now choose and order food of their preference on the GO. If your made is on leave, or you are planning a house party, these apps come handy and accessible. The market is hot for [...]

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How can Technology help you to maintain Social Distancing?

How can Technology help you to maintain Social Distancing? As we huddle over solutions to defeat COVID 19, the businesses are looking up to technology to aid them. Social distancing is the new normal. Video conferencing, work from home, temperature testing has become a norm. The Government took steps, now it’s your turn! Social [...]

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